We work to understand and harness potentials


Our range of start-ups offer Investors a great variety of businesses.

Adoption of ISO 27001

With increasing cyber attacks and data breaches on the rise globally, our management has chosen to focus on mitigating the risk by implementing an ISMS. We have adopted ISO 27001, which offers international standards of best practices for an ISMS. Pursuing ISO 27001 permitted us to adopt a process-based approach for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving our information systems. This enables us to provide world-class information security for our clients, partners, team, and stakeholders to to ensure sustainable growth.


Our Objective

Our objective is to provide a series of well-operated viable start-ups for potential Investors globally to support wealth and opportunity creation on the African continent.

Our Mission

To continuously research, implement, and generate wealth with superior sustainable strategies and value propositions by starting and running viable start-ups in Africa for the global investment community.

Our Approach

Our business approach involves researching business ideas in various sectors of the economy, to develop and implement them as viable start-ups. Our start-up adopts the best management and industry practices to ensure sustainability and transparency for our stakeholders. We take all the risks at the start-up phase and bring on investors at the growth phase.